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Our Team

Yvonne Ho | Global Design + Construction Director


Yvonne and Jenny established full scale+ in 2002, and successfully grew the design practice into a full service fit-out and construction firm with offices in Canada, Hong Kong, and China. 

A 12-time winner of the prestigious ARIDO Award plus numerous, a 2-time winner of ICSC Award in retail + restaurant and other major awards and recognitions in China and North America, Yvonne is known for her passion for design excellence.  Her solid background in architecture and interior design lend itself to her unparalleled aptitude for translating the clients’ conceptual ideas into execution excellence.  This is demonstrated in full scale+ portfolio of work – spectacular façades and store fronts that stand out in the crowd; interior spaces that exude the clients’ brand vision and character, yet highly practical and functional for daily operations; flagship stores that have become landmarks.

Being one who thrives on challenges, Yvonne takes pleasure in problem-solving and assuring customer delights. Her unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional value through top-notched quality, superior efficiency, and impeccable client care is the key driver behind fullscale+’s  “100% Client Satisfaction” performance rating.    

Apart from her official role as the Design & Construction Director of fullscale+ partners, Yvonne also heads the firm’s Hong Kong and China operations.  Yvonne’s work is regularly featured on prominent publications, such as Azure, FRAME, MARU, VMSD, Objekt, and Interior Design.  She was also a guest speaker at several industry events, including the Hotel Forum in Beijing, China and the China National Interior Decorating Association Forum in Shanghai, China. 

Jenny Lee | Managing Director, North America


A highly respected professional in design and project management, Jenny is known for her commitment to quality and passion for creating responsive environments.  Her portfolio of work is a reflection of her passion in the creation of environments where the aesthetic of interaction, user engagement, access, embodiment and intimacy are taken into consideration in the design.  Jenny’s keen eye for details, coupled with an indomitable courage to set high standards for herself and the team, are the cornerstones of the firm’s revered reputation in the industry.    


As the Managing Director, Jenny is actively involved in the firm’s everyday operations in the North America market; she oversees each step of the design and construction process.  In her role, Jenny has directed a wide variety of fullscale+ projects, ranging from retail and hospitality, to office and residential development.  Many of these projects have received national and international awards and recognitions.   

A 13-time winner of the prestigious ARIDO Award, a 3-time winner of ISP/VM+SD Competition plus 9 other major awards and recognitions, Jenny’s work has been featured on prominent publications, such as Azure, FRAME, VMSD, and Interior Design.  She has been a guest speaker at Ontario Chamber of Commerce and also served on the judging panel of the esteemed Product Innovations Awards, IIDEX/NeoCon Canada.

Helen Zhang | Managing Director, PRC

Helen is the Managing Director of full scale+ partners, China Division.  She brings to her position a background in interior design, construction, and project management.  Her training and stints in each of these areas equipped her with good working knowledge of the full spectrum of work in the fit-out and construction business.

Apart from the general business administration and operations management, Helen is responsible for fostering liaisons with key stakeholders, business partners, landlords, developers, clients, government officials and institutional agencies in various parts of China.  Her excellent negotiation skills, combined with an ability to communicate comfortably at all levels, make Helen an indispensable asset in the procurement of coveted shop spaces, applications of government permits, and ironing out all sorts of intricate issues involving building codes, rezoning, historical buildings, and the like.  

Helen helped to establish our Shanghai office – full scale+ – in 2007, and has been with us ever since.  Gifted with a clear, logical mind and a practical approach to problem solving, Helen is the key driving force behind our ability to achieve the full scale+ “100% On-time Delivery” performance standard.

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