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IDS09 Swarovski Crystal Clear  [ Toronto | Ontario | Canada ]
Scope of Work : 
Design + Construction
Crystal Clear was a feature exhibit at the 2009 Interior Design Show, a trade and consumer show held once a year in Toronto. Full Scale was invited by The Interior Design Show MMPI and Swarovski to design a feature exhibit showcasing products from CRYSTALIZED™- Swarovski elements and STRASS® Swarovski®. 

Swarovski Crystals are best known as adornment or feature decorative elements. This exhibit embraced the opportunity to investigate unconventional means of displaying Swarovski Crystals resulting in a landscape of discovery and illusion. Crystal Clear was designed to evoke intimate experiences with a globally recognized luxury product. This eight feet by eight feet space, consisted of seven multi-faceted white forms that appear to jut out from a white floor and configured to define a journey through a crystal-like landscape. Each form consisted of a unique display of crystals and illusions that could only be experienced up close thus encouraging the viewer to walk through the exhibit.
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