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IDS07 Offsprings  [ Toronto | Ontario | Canada ]
Scope of Work : 
Interior Design
Full Scale was invited to design a 40sm feature living space exhibit at the annual Interior Design Show in Toronto. 
The confluence of humanity + nature = 2.598a²h
With urbanisation growing into a global phenomenon, lovable space is becoming increasingly limited in metropolitan areas.  This, among other factors has directed focus to "start" growth - one that is better for nature and for people.
A beehive is one of nature's best examples of high-density living.
The honeycomb's hexagonal shape, besides naturally-occurring, is an ideal form for dense, urban living.  The modularity of the shape facilitates the grouping, reconfiguring, adding or removing of any of the individual units, making this lovable space entirely transformable and adaptable based on individual needs.  Each hexagonal component in this exhibit represents a separate space and function simplifying living to the very essentials of human needs.
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